Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The obvious benefit for the community is an influx of cyclist dollars. Secondary to that is that the revenue from the event will be donated directly to BOSAC, and through the use of a restricted grant, the USFS. The use of an event as a fundraising mechanism that underwrites trail construction and maintenance represents a paradigm shift in the event business, but this is a logical extension of one of the principles upon which Maverick Sports Promotions, (the joint venture of Jeff Westcott and Mike McCormack) was founded; “Events must give back to the community.” If the event makes money, that money will directly underwrite trail improvements. The Epic’s goal will be to provide the funds necessary to add one additional seasonal staff member for each organization.

Additionally, the PR generated from the event will create millions of unique consumer impressions, further solidifying Breck’s status as a worthwhile stop for national and international destination mountain bike travelers. The biking season here is short, but the goods are, well...good. Really good.

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