Wednesday, October 22, 2008

- BLOGGER APP #2: Luke Wiens

NAME: Luke Wiens

SPONSOR/TEAM: Ergon…hah, just kidding…we are of no relation. (Wiens Family Cellars/Lucca Restaurant).

HOMETOWN: Sacramento, CA…currently Temecula, CA

Where are you from? I reign from Sacramento….and honestly, vow never to return!
What kind of bike do you ride?/What do you love about it? Kona “The King”…In my opinion has been an all around beast. I’ve punished this thing at Mammoth, thrown thousands of miles at it, and raced everything from XC to Endurance…it still keeps on tickin!
Solo or team competitor? Why? Solo…because I have yet to find anyone local that can keep smiling after 10+ hours on the bike.
Done any ultra-endurance stuff before?
12 hours of Temecula (Solo)
Tahoe-Sierra 100
24 Hours of Hurkey Creek (Solo)
In that order…
Favorite food? By far the burrito…god programmed me with an instinctual craving for these boogers that kicks in usually between hours 4 and 6 on the bike.
Movie? Gladiator…you aren’t human if you didn’t like that movie.
Book? A New Earth…by Eckhart Tolle. I read this long before Oprah starting pumping it up.
Worst experience on a bike? When I first moved to Colorado I went for a road ride and double flatted on the other side of town. I had no one to call and walked 12 miles home clopping around in road shoes. Cute girls driving by commenting on my lycra get-up wasn’t enough…a summertime thunderstorm moved in like clockwork to make the last several miles pure joy!
Best experience on a bike? Being the only guy rocking lycra on the shuttle at Bootleg Canyon. At first the downhillers didn’t know what to think…but after several runs of keeping my flesh intact, I started to get a little conversation out of ‘em. I was extremely lucky and too stupid at the time not to dawn armor…after making it through all of those killer trails unscathed that weekend; it was a mix of accomplishment and a near death experience!
Tell us about your LBS (Local Bike Shop): I have about 4…and when you put them all together you actually get a decent selection and pricing. I’ve made friends at all of them and they all serve different purposes, ie. Nutrition, drivetrain, etc.
Tell us about your favorite ‘local’ ride: Vail Lake has evolved from a desert location with a big climb and a fast descent to a venue that hosts XC, Xterra, Endurance, Super D, and Downhill with a whole network of trails. From Eric Carter to my six year old cousin…this place has something for everyone. I have been lucky enough to start a weekly evening ride there…and for some reason, people keep showing up.
Tell us about your favorite ride EVER: The first time I rode in Orange County I showed up with a route map at Aliso Canyon….my intentions, to ride the Aliso/Laguna Wilderness/El Moro loop which connects two parks near the coast. After setting out on my adventure I was offered an array of trails, epic views, and great technical descents. I summited the first major climb only to be greeted by the local OC High School cross country team with hot moms in tow on a training run. It was a pretty hot day and their wardrobe selection seemed to be quite minimal. The next couple miles of fireroad proved to be some of the most technical terrain ever. Welcome to SoCal.
Describe a sponsor or company you admire and why you admire them: Ergon….because they sponsor the dude that beat Lance...just kidding! I admire any company with a goal of improving comfort for us guys that log a lot of cockpit time. They have some solid athletes with seemingly good personalities….and plus, I’ve got a soft spot for green.
Who will play you in the Breck Epic movie and why? Robert Duval…because you just gotta respect the guy. Of course he would probably have a horse and a lot better dialogue then me.
What do you hope to get out of this experience? Expectations/goals/etc. Tell us about your history as a cyclist or in the industry: I started in endurance sports 5 years ago to help remove myself from a toxic lifestyle. Ever since this quest began it has become a journey of continually increasing the bar. I worked my way up through triathlon and peaked with Ironman. The next logical step was 24 solo. The fact that my true passion has always lied with mountain bikes made the quest for 24 solo an outstanding adventure. A multi-day stage race should offer an even closer look at my soul…that’s why we do this stuff right?? To find out just how tough god made ya!
Feel free to blatantly self-promote here. A quote you like, a direct appeal to the voters, some hateful vitriolic slander for your political opponents (see: Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter…) This is your space. Decorate it however you’d like. The pic above is a visit at the family winery from someone I look up to very highly...former Olympian and Xterra dominator, Conrad Stoltz (dude broke his back and came back to crush the Xterra tour). “When you get hurt and all of your sacrifice adds up to nothing, are you willing to put it all on the line again?” – CS. To build yourself up as an athlete…all of the hours and dedication, and then to charge descents skimming the threshold of control…anyone who pushes that hard earns my respect.
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