Wednesday, October 22, 2008

- BLOGGER APP #3: Larry Grossman

Name; Larry Grossman
Sponsor/Team Name; SQUIRT LUBE
Hometown; Eagle, Colorado
Where am I from? Born and raised in New Jersey, Moved to Florida in 72, chased women in college in Tallahassee until 83, moved to Wyoming then Colorado in 83, been here ever since.
What kind of bike do I ride? Salsa El Santo for Now, Felt Carbon Niner Hard tail on deck...
What do I love about it? It's a lifestyle for me, bike does not matter much.
Solo or Team and Why? Team, isn't life all about team work? Plus I need someone to bitch to when the climbing gets brutal.
Who's My Teammate? Dewet Marais, partner/owner of SQUIRT LUBE, also age 51
Done any Ultra Stuff Before?
24 Hours of Moab 4 times
Breck Ultra 100 2 times
Firecracker 50 once....ouch!
Favorite Food? Pizza, French Fries and more pizza
Movie? It's a tie....the Godfather and Caddyshack
Book? Fire on the it and learn something
Worst experience on a bike? Getting caught out on Freemont pass in a wicked hail, rain and lightning storm in the middle of a century with no gear. Paramedics got called in to help us recover from hypothermia at Copper Starbucks.
Best experience on the bike? Competing in the 24 Hours of Moab with three of my best riding buddies for four straight years, including the big flood year.
Sponsor or Company I admire? Maxxis, for stepping up, no questions, to help me put on a fantastic Spring Cyclocross series in Eagle last year. They were huge and made the series great for all the racers who showed and throwed.
Who Will Play me in the Breck Epic Movie? Robert Di Niro
What do I hope to get out of this experience? I race for a few very simple reasons, and that goes for all bike rides/races. Riding bikes is about where you go and who you go with, always has been, racing is just a great way to stay fit and create an awesome sphere of friends as well as see some amazing places. Then you get to tell stories and drink a Stella with your bros...perfect. So, I just plan to add another experience and more friends to my life...the end. I'm 51 yars old my friend, nothing left to prove and how many more of these rides do I have left?
Blatant Self Promotion...see my blog.
Mike, I've only known you for a couple of years now, but I think you know my cycling soul pretty well and the passion I have for our favorite form of recreation. I've shown my ass and my humility to you and your staff at MSC, and most importantly really cared about making the experience of riding and racing better for everyone, even the assholes. I'm not gonna beg for a blogger "grant", but you know I will write the truth and the words will come from the bowels of my cycling soul....thanks for putting on the race, you are a warrior. (Editor's note: flattery and an occasional Stella are indeed two of Mr. Grossmam's insidious maneuvers. FWIW, they're pretty effective.)
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