Friday, February 20, 2009

Course Maps. Elevation Profiles. Tools for inspiration and terror.

A quick note - these are hand-drawn routes. That means that the stated mileage is probably a bit short. It also means that when combining the tendency for a GPS program to overstate elevation gain with the ham-fisted approach of drawing the routes resulting in losing elevation gain, that the ACTUAL elevation gains per route are probably pretty close.

Or not.

These are the 5 main stages (no prologue)...and they are not in order. Another disclaimer: these loops do not appear to be very long. But because of altitude and the fact that there's very little road to be had here, they are as big around as a can of corn.

Guyot Loop: 39.35 miles/8561'

Colorado Trail Loop: 34.38 miles/7811'

Wheeler Loop: 35.91 miles'/7620'

Pennsylvania Creek Loop: 28.08 miles/5993'

Gold Dust Loop: 33.18 miles/5496'


Crash Test said...

o on the wheeler loop are we just lemming it?

The GreenSpeed Project said...

It's more like Evel Knievel. Make sure you bring your white pantsuit.

Anonymous said...

wheeler profile not link on blogspot. all other profiles are linked. is there a fix?


The GreenSpeed Project said...

Should be fixed now - check it out. We may add anouther climb to the Wheeler loop at the suggestion of a few locals and their times practicing the route ovet the last few years. The climb up to the pass is a slog, but there's some really fast stuff on the backside and the finish on Peaks is a middle-to-big-ring grinfest.


powers said...

oh, yep the race definitely need another climb or two.........what is wrong with you?